They do show that all the numbers are very comparable

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They do show that all the numbers are very comparable

Odgovor Napisal/-a Emilylowes » 28 Okt 2022, 11:56

The data from analyst Appmagic (via PocketGamer) D2R Items suggest that Diablo Immortal is one of the most downloaded Blizzard games, and the second highest-earning app behind Hearthstone. This game's revenue came from the United States accounted for 43 percent of the revenue, then followed by South Korea at 23%. In the iOS and Android markets make up a approximately equal amount of market share, and the downloads hit their peak in the first three days.

In comparison, Call of Duty Mobile made nearly $18 million within its first week according to SensorTower as well as Pokemon Go generated $14 million in its first week of operation according SuperData. SuperData (via BusinessInsider).

It's worth mentioning that they're not 1:1 comparisons considering that they come from different analysts, and they all represent one week, not the first two weeks of Diablo Immortal. However, they do show that all the numbers are very comparable.

Although it's performing well financially, Diablo Immortal has been met with mixed reactions from both fans and critics alike regarding its microtransaction strategy, which has been criticized by many as excessive. The GameSpot Diablo Immortal review noted that the core campaign is very enjoyable, however once you hit the end game, the sudden grind for loot and good stuff that appears intended to lead players towards spending cash can feel off-putting.

"But it's still one that you can take pleasure in without having to go through the maze of buy D2R Ladder Items menus , lists and menus asking you to tap a few buttons to get a variety of rewards , day in and out, if you're comfortable of not being able to complete the task in a couple of moments," the review concludes.
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