Players have theorized would make sense of the expansion's arrival

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Players have theorized would make sense of the expansion's arrival

Odgovor Napisal/-a Emilylowes » 28 Okt 2022, 11:46

As reported by Wowhead the yet-untitled Dragonflight prequel novel has appeared on Amazon with the WoTLK Gold release date set for November 22nd, 2022. This on its own isn't an indication, but as Wowhead states, previous prequel novels were released approximately four months prior to the release of a new expansion.

The Legion expansion's prequel novel Illidan published in April of 2016 just four months prior to the release date of August 16. 2016 for the expansion. Before the Storm Before the Storm, the Battle for Azeroth prequel novel, was originally set to be released in May prior to appearing in June 2018 and the expansion was released in August of 2018. Recently it was announced that Shadows Rising, the Shadowlands sequel novel Shadows Rising, released in July 2020. just four months before the Shadowlands expansion due to be released in November 2020.

With the prequel novel's release pattern and assuming that the novel isn't delayed, it does seem to suggest that Blizzard has set a release in March 2023 for Dragonflight. It's the exact time frame many players have theorized would make sense of the expansion's arrival, especially considering that Dragonflight has not yet become available for testing on the game's test environment.

The reason for the belief that Dragonflight won't release in 2022 but come in early 2023 can be the reality that Blizzard recently announced Shadowlands would get a new season, one that doesn't have new content but instead reuse existing raids and Dungeons. Season 4 will be shorter than an average season, and will likely be released later in the year. Shadowlands Season 3 started in March. If past seasons are any indication, will most likely last up to seven months.

When Dragonflight is released, it will bring with it a revamp of the game's talent system, big changes to professions, improvements in UI as well as a new area of Azeroth that players can explore and a brand new race called the Dracthyr, the one race that will be the new Evoker class. Blizzard has recently announced the debut of the first mobile game in the franchise, buy WoTLK Classic Gold Arclight Rumble an emulation of Clash Royale strategy game.
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